Lines & Routes

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The park offers a complete mixture of trails to satisfy beginner to Expert riders alike.
“ON Air" or "Symphony" trails will make any freerider smile from ear to ear while still appealing to novice riders.

The upper part of "ON AIR" have already brought many to their limits - only one was saying: You yourself decide where the bounderies are.

All ostacles are also passable with "Chickenways".

In Detail…

Lilly´s Treat

The ultimate in fun and flow, Narrower machine built, rolling, ripping Intermediate riders and up.

Upper „ON AIR“

Smooth, wide, machine built, flowing, rollingg, table top options, monster wall ride, the ego builder, novice and up.

Lower „ON AIR“

More of the same - tons of fun for all.


Machine built masterpiece, major adrenaline kick, tons of air, hip, step up, step downs, tables, rainbows, good riders.

Nail Games:

Old school single track, roots, elevated, tight, twisting, rocky.

Angry Ants:

Side roots, bridges, angry ants!

RNB - Northshore:

The real stuff, skinny, high, in the woods, expert riders.


More old school single track, slow & fast, technical.

Fire Road:

Easy "link" from ON AIR to Flying Mozart.

Skillcenter NAZ:

Warm up or test your Park readiness on various obstacles like burmed corners, log rides, rock drop and teeter tooters, all before entering the park itself.

Slopestyle Widmoos and Drop park:

Freshly rebuilt in 2011 the Slopestyle park is the best place to learn how to do table top jumps on the perfect size and shaped tables. With practice, laps in the park and courage you might be ready for bigger pro line with wood kickers.

Drop park:
This is the best place to learn how to do drops. A very important skill for the park. With 4 options of increasing difficulty.